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Sleek, Sophisticated, Elevated.

Silk & Co. is proud to announce an artistry tool unlike no other. The Diamond Eyelash wand does it all. Whether you prefer mascara, strip lashes, or extensions, this tool serves your every need.

The Diamond Wand was created to last with the finest product. Our Diamond wand is made with high quality materials, and as a result, built to last. Each wand comes with a built-in sanitary cap to keep your spool safe from outside elements, preventing possible infections. The spool is made up of silicone allowing you to cleanse and air dry to maintain its efficacy.



  • Comb through lashes with or without mascara
  • Seperate masacara build up, for a cleaner look
  • Comb through eyelash extensions to maintain lash retention


Color Availability:

  • White
  • Black

Diamond Eyelash Wand